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Mount Airy Department of Parks and Recreation Field Use Agreement

  1. agrees to abide by and enforce the rules of conduct for its participants, officials and spectators, and assumes responsibility and supervision of the property and spectators during use. Failure to follow this agreement may impact the organization’s standing. These rules are subject to change.
  2. 1. FIELD
    a. Do not alter or install equipment without the prior written approval of the Parks and Recreation Manager b. Enjoy your time, but do not interfere with a volunteer or employee of the town and their duties
    a. The organization must attach or mail in a copy of General Liability Insurance with a minimum of $1,000,000 per occurrence which names the Town of Mount Airy and the Mayor and Town Council of Mount Airy as additional insureds. b. The organization agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Town of and from any and all claims for damages, including for bodily injury or property damage, in any way arising from the organization’s use of the Town’s parks or park equipment or facilities pursuant to this Agreement, to include any damages for bodily injury to employees of the Town or for property damage to Town property.
  4. 3. PARKING
    a. Park only in designated spaces. Do not park in unauthorized areas, or on the grass.
  5. 4. PAYMENT
    a. Payment for any reservation, if applicable, is due at the time of reservation. b. No refunds will be given.
    a. Use of tobacco products and tobacco substitute products such as vapor products is prohibited in Town parks, including the Town's Rails to Trails pathways and associated properties, except for specifically designated areas. b. Consumption of alcohol or possession of unsealed containers or firearms is prohibited within Town parks, including the Town’s Rails to Trail’s pathways and associated properties. c. The use of ATV’s or other such sport vehicles is prohibited within Town parks, including the Town's Rails to Trails pathways and associated properties. d. Inappropriate, lewd, or indecent conduct or language is prohibited within Town parks or during a sporting event
  7. 6. SIGNAGE
    a. Temporary signage may be displayed as allowed by the Town charter. A separate permit may be required and will be the organizers responsibility. b. All signage must be removed at the end of the event.
    a. Any use of the field beyond the original intention of its design, requires a separate, special request form
    a. A responsible adult must be present at all times. That individual, and the designated representative, is responsible for supervision of property, participants, and spectators during use. b. The Town incurs no responsibility to supervise the organization’s activities in the Town parks their equipment or facilities. The organization and its members use the Town parks, equipment and facilities at their own risk
  10. 9. TRASH
    a. All trash must be placed in proper receptacles. Extra bags of trash may be placed next to the receptacles. b. Please clean up any areas in use and wipe off tables.
  11. 10. WEATHER
    a. Good judgement must be used when determining conditions. Do not use fields when the weather is likely to cause injury to a participant or the field. The Town of Mount Airy may also determine use during severe weather.
  12. Questions or concerns should be addressed to the Parks and Recreation Manager, at The organizer may also be requested to attend a Recreation and Parks Board meeting.
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