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Shed Permit Application

  1. Town Information
    110 South Main Street
    P.O. Box 50
    Mount Airy, MD 21771

    Phone: 301-829-1424
    Fax: 410-795-4810
  2. Property Owners Information
  3. Contractor Information
  4. A permit must be applied for through Carroll County.
  5. Please clearly mark where the shed will be located on the plan. If you do not have plan, please contact Town Hall and upload a sketch plan.
  6. Note
    This permit is a license to proceed with construction according to submitted approved plans. This permit is void 1 year from date of issue hereon if construction has not been started. It will also become void if after construction starts the job is abandoned for 6 months.

    24 hours notice shall be given to the department of building permits and inspections prior to inspections requirements.

    Final Inspection shall be made and Use and Occupancy permit issued before the structure is occupied.
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