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Recreation and Parks

  1. Athletic Field Request Form
  2. Mount Airy Department of Recreation and Parks Event Request Form
  3. My Town Photo Contest
  4. Share Your Mount Airy Parks Feedback

    Mount Airy Recreation and Parks is interested to know your ideas, thoughts, and comments. Please submit them here using the form below

  1. Mount Airy Department of Parks and Recreation Field Use Agreement
  2. Mount Airy Parks Call for Volunteer/Scout Projects

    Mount Airy is so fortunate to have numerous active volunteer groups asking for projects needed. This page is to collect the... More…

  3. Plant care volunteer sign-up

    Volunteers are needed to help water plants in the pop-up park. Students can receive service hours. Please indicate when you are... More…

  4. Submit Your Scout Project Photo

    Please submit your Eagle Scout or Gold Award Projects to be highlighted on the Town of Mount Airy's website.