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Restaurant Week Registration Form 2020

  1. Rules and Guidelines

    • *Menu Items must be equal portion size to the current menu.
    • *Restaurant must have a pre-fixe meal available for the week breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
    • *Restaurant Menu Items must stay consistent throughout the entire promotional period of September 14-20, 2020.
    • *Restaurants must donate a $25.00 gift card to the Town of Mount Airy for promotion of Restaurant Week.
    • *Restaurants are to provide a PDF version of their Restaurant Week menu to be posted on their restaurant and the Town websites.

  2. New This Year!

    • The Town is requesting restaurants add a carry-out option to their Restaurant Week pre-fixe menu.
    • The Town is REQUIRING that one of the pre-fixe menu items is vegan.

  3. I read the Rules and Guidelines and New This Year! listed above and will follow them as written. *

  4. Registered participants Toolkit includes:

    • Official Campaign Poster
    • Table Stands
    • Advertisement Check Stuffers
    • Pens
    • Children’s Coloring Pages with Crayons (Only to those restaurants who would find this useful)
    • Digital Media Kit

  5. Will you be wanting Children's Coloring Pages with Crayons?*

  6. For each Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner that is offered, Restaurant Week participants are required to offer a minimum of two courses. I agree to offer prix fixe menus for the promotion rates of:

  7. Breakfast*

    Choose all that may apply.

  8. Lunch*

    Choose all that may apply.

  9. Dinner*

    Choose all that may apply.

  10. What's next?

    Create your prix-fixe menu and email a PDF or JPEG to Thank you for joining in 2020 Mount Airy Restaurant Week!

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