Mount Airy Pickleball Tournament

Mount Airy Pickleball Tournament

Saturday March 28, 2020

Mixed Doubles – Pre-registered teams

9am – 12pm Novice/Advanced Novice

1pm – 4pm Intermediate/Advanced Intermediate

8 teams (16 players) each level - Teams A-H

Part I: Round Robin – point totals will determine seeding for Part II.

Part II: Single Elimination Bracket

This format ensures that all teams will play at least 4 games. Four semi-finalist teams will play at least 5 games. Two finalist teams will play 6 games. Total game play should remain under 3 hours. However, if time becomes an issue, Part II with be shortened to only semi-final and final games.

3 courts in use, with next scheduled games filling open courts.

Teams not playing will serve as referees on courts with game play.

Part I: Round Robin 

Each match is one game, with winner the first team to 11, not needing a margin of 2.

All team scores are tracked with point totals determining team seeding in Part II of the tournament.


Play – Match 1                   Referee

Team A vs. Team B          Team G, Player 1

Team C vs. Team D          Team G, Player 2

Team E vs. Team F           Team H, Players 1 and 2

Play – Match 2                   Referee

Team G vs. Team A          Team E, Player 1

Team H vs. Team C          Team E, Player 2

Team B vs. Team D          Team F, Players 1 and 2

Play – Match 3                   Referee

Team E vs. Team A           Team C, Player 1

Team F vs. Team H           Team C, Player 2

Team G vs. Team B          Team D, Players 1 and 2

Play – Match 4                   Referee

Team C vs. Team G           Team A, Player 1

Team D vs. Team F           Team A, Player 2

Team E vs. Team H          Team B, Players 1 and 2

Part II: Single Elimination Bracket

Each match in first round is one game to 11, with a margin of 2.

Winning team moves on to next bracket. Losing team out of tournament.

If time allows, semi-final matches and/or final match will be best 2 out of 3 games to 11, with a margin of 2.


     Seed 1 Team     . 

                                        Semi-final Match 1  .

     Seed 8 Team     .

                                                                                    Fnal Match  . 

     Seed 4 Team     .

                                        Semi-final Match 1  . 

     Seed 5 Team     .

                                                                                                               Winner  .

     Seed 3 Team     .

                                        Semi-final Match 2  .

     Seed 6 Team     . 

                                                                                   Fnal Match   .

     Seed 2 Team     . 

                                        Semi-final Match 2  .

     Seed 7 Team     .


Tournament Winners

1st place team in tournament is winner of Final match.

2nd place team in tournament is loser of Final match.

3rd place team in tournament is one of the two losing teams of the semi-final matches that had higher point total among all Part I and Part II matches.

4th place team in tournament is one of the two losing teams of the semi-final matches that had lower point total among all Part I and Part II matches.

Responsibilities of Referees

1. Record team letters and player names on score sheet.

2. Allow warm-up time before game, limited to 5 minutes.

3. Secretly write 1 or 2 on back side of score sheet and ask one team to choose 1 or 2. ‘Winning’ team may choose whether they’d like to serve first or second OR they may choose which side of the court they’d like to start on. The other team chooses the other option.

4. Circle the name of the very first server of the game and then the name of the first server from the other team.

5. Keep track of the score, point by point, on the scoresheet, Servers in the game should call the score before every serve. Settle any discrepencies.

6. It is up to players to call opponent balls out on their side of the court. Do NOT make line calls.

7. Monitor the kitchen line for kitchen faults. Call kitchen faults when they occur. The faulting team forfeits that point or serve.

8. Have teams switch sides of the court when one team reaches 6 points.

9. Allow for 2 times outs per team per game, 1 minute each. Track on scoresheet.

10. Have one player from each team initial final scoresheet.

11. Return scoresheet to tournament director.

12. THANK YOU for helping the tournament run smoothly!


Pickleball Etiquette


1. Know the rules of the game and observe them.

2. Server must call out the score before serving (USAPA rule).

3. If an opponent claims there was a distraction, such as a ball rolling in the court, replay the point.

4. If a ball rolls onto your court, immediately call “BALL” and STOP playing. Pick up the ball, find out where it belongs and return it to one of the correct players. Do not just hit the ball back anywhere just to get it out of the way. This could create a problem or injury on another court.

5. Calling balls in or out:

a. It is the responsibility of the players who are receiving the ball on their side of the court to call balls in or out, always in good faith.

b. If you and your partner disagree, or you just did not see the ball, the ball should be called in.

c. The players on the opposing team should never try to call their own shots or argue with a call made.

d. Spectators should not call balls in or out. It is up to the players in the game.

6. Always display good sportsmanship and common courtesy.

a. Apologize for bad or inappropriate remarks immediately.

b. Recognize and compliment your partner and opponents when they make good shots.

c. After a game, players should meet at the net and congratulate and thank each other for playing.

d. Be a great representative of the sport. Be the person everyone wants as a partner.