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Posted on: August 4, 2017

Cold Storage Property Update

As noted in previous Planning Commission and Economic Development Commission meetings, property owners and potential developers have been reviewing their options for future development of the “Cold Storage Property” site. After meeting with staff to discuss town requirements, an initial concept plan has been submitted for further town staff and agency review. Similar to other development projects, the first concept plan submittal is not a final submission as numerous concerns, including adequacy of roads, will need to be addressed. The first and current phase in the development review process for this project proposal is an initial internal staff review. At this time, staff is reviewing the concept plan submittal to ensure that the minimum development review requirements are met in accordance with the Town Code. If the plan meets minimum requirements, it will be distributed to several Town Commissions for review and comment. As town and county agency comments are received and addressed, there may be modifications to the concept plan submittal. For this reason, initial plan submissions for any project are considered preliminary.

In addition to the site plan submittal requirements, the initial staff review will also include compliance to the Downtown Zone regulations governed by Town Code Section 112-37.1. The Downtown Zone allows for a variety of retail, office, restaurant, and residential uses, to include apartments and condominiums.

While the Planning Commission holds the authority on all site plan and subdivision plan approvals, the Mayor ensures that all site plan regulations, town code provisions, and processes are followed as prescribed.

Next steps in the process: As with any project, the development plan will proceed forward for Planning Commission review if and when staff and county agency comments, concerns, recommendations, and adequate public facilities requirements are addressed. The Planning Commission meetings are designed to allow a dedicated time to receive public comments on proposed developments plan prior to any decision being made. We will keep you informed and take steps for additional community outreach, to include posting the property, should this project proceed forward to public meetings.

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