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Posted on: August 21, 2019


Changes in the recycling market are driving a change in the way the Department of Solid Waste Management will manage the flow of recyclable material brought in through the transfer station at 9031 Reichs Ford Rd, Frederick, MD 21704 where the Town of Mount Airy’s (Carroll and Frederick County) recycling is taken. 

To improve the quality of local recycling efforts, more focused enforcement of all rules (preexisting and new) for recycling have begun and will ramp up in the coming months. These changes may have an impact on how you recycle at your home.

Non-compliance with single-stream recycling rules will result in disposal of materials.

Frederick County must reduce the level of contamination (non-recyclable and non-processable materials) sent to the Material Recovery Facility (MRF). Contamination reduces the efficiency of recycling and threatens the economic viability of the program. Therefore, when loads of recyclable material containing unacceptable items is brought to the County’s transfer station, those loads may be disposed of in their entirety as trash and charged at the municipal solid waste disposal rate.  (this means we as a Town must reduce the level of contamination so there are no additional charges for disposal).

Materials cannot be sent for recycling inside plastic bags. All recyclable materials dropped at the transfer station must be loose and not contained in plastic bags.

Materials placed inside bags are highly problematic at the MRF. Recyclables must be loose to be sorted. Bags become tangled in the sorting machinery, requiring frequent and costly operational shut-downs. For operational efficiency, bagged material is often simply thrown away without being opened. If you collect recyclables in bags within your facility, those bags must be opened and dumped out before the materials can be hauled away for recycling. The bags may be reused or disposed but are not recyclable.

No plastic film or bags are accepted for recycling.

These items cannot be processed by single-stream sorting equipment, plastic film and “bag of bags” recycling has been eliminated from our program.

Shredded paper is no longer accepted in single-stream recycling.

Shredded paper is difficult to sort and bale, it will no longer be accepted in mixed materials (single-stream) recycling programs. Small pieces of paper mix in with other materials, lowering the market value of baled recyclables.

Only items listed on the Frederick County Government acceptable material list are accepted.

A list of acceptable materials can be found on the Frederick County Recycling website. Loads with unacceptable material will result in the material being disposed of as trash. It has come to Frederick County Government’s attention that several haulers are providing their Frederick County recycling customers acceptable materials listings that are from other Counties or areas and do not accurately reflect acceptable materials in Frederick County’s program. If you have questions about acceptable material, please contact the Frederick County Department of Solid Waste Management at 301-600-2960, via email at or by visiting the county’s recycling website

Recycling is changing daily, and we will try our best to get any new information out as quickly as possible. If you have any questions about these changes, please contact Town Hall at (301) 829-1424.

Thank you for your participation in and support of activities that reduce waste and conserve resources. Your cooperation helps ensure the continued viability of recycling in Frederick and Carroll County.

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