Peddler's License

Current Town Solicitors & Peddlers

On March 11, 2015 the Town of Mount Airy issued its first Peddler's License to Demetri Giakoumatos of American Custom Contractors. Mr. Giakoumatos has met all requirements set forth in §Section 70 of the Town Code and has been provided a Peddler's License and is the only one permitted to solicit door to door within the town limits on behalf of his company. Please note that his license may be suspended or revoked if the provisions listed in §Section 70 is not followed.

Suggestions for Public Cooperation & Safety

It is important to keep everyone informed and safe so the following suggestions/information is offered:
  • If you do not want solicitors to come to your residence - then please post a "No Solicitation" sign at your home. This is the most effective way of expressing your wishes.
  • Call Town Hall at 301-829-1424 to be placed on the "Do Not Want Solicitors" list.
  • Do not open the door for anyone if you are alone or do not feel comfortable.
  • Remember - Please contact the Mount Airy Resident Troopers (call 911 for an emergency / non-emergency - 301-829-0218/Westminster Barracks 410-386-3000) should anyone who does not have a Mount Airy Peddler's License, unless they are non-profit, comes to your door to solicit within the Town limits.
  • A list of any Peddler's Licenses issued by the Town will be maintained and posted.
If you have any questions, please contact Town Hall at 301-829-1424.
Solicitor (Peddler) License for Demetri Giakoumatos