1. Building Permits

    Carroll County Government processes all building permits for the entire incorporated limits of the Town of Mount Airy.

  2. Fence Construction Permits

    Fence Construction Permits are required for new fence construction and replacement of existing fences.

  3. Accessory Structure Permits

    A permit is required for most accessory structures. Please click the title for further information.

  4. Sign Permits

    All signage within the Mount Airy Town limits will require a permit.

  5. Zoning Certificates

    Zoning certificates are required unless you are obtaining a building permit - in that instance, zoning approval is given.

Please call the Permits and Planning Department prior to commencing with any type of construction not requiring a permit. Please be advised as to the required setbacks for patios. Information is at Town Code Section 112.52.

  1. Annelise Niner

    Community Planning/Permit Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 301-829-1424

  2. Monika Weierbach

    Zoning Administrator
    Phone: 301-829-1424

  1. Online Code Library 
    The Mount Airy Town Code is borrowed from a general online code library (eCode360) shared among multiple municipalities. eCode360 is a searchable online version of your municipal code. With eCode360, you can easily search, print, email, and copy and paste any text contained in the code. 

    View the eCode360, Mount Airy's Town Code.

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