Parks & Recreation Commission


  • 7:30 p.m.
  • The 3rd Thursday of every month


The Board of Parks and Recreation consists of a minimum of five members but not more than nine members; all must be town residents. three members and one alternate, who must be town residents and serve a two year term. Current members include:
  • Andrew Heck - Chairman (August 2018)
  • Mike Riegel - Secretary (November 2018)
  • Alan Bevard (November 2018)
  • George Guevara (August 2020)
  • Larry Hushour - Council Liaison (2021)
  • Scott Rieland (August 2018)
  • Amethyst Tymoch (August 2018)
There are 2 vacancies.
Park Playground
There are currently no vacancies for the Parks and Recreation Commission.


The Board of Parks and Recreation schedules the use of athletic facilities and plans the development and construction of new facilities, including a proposed community center. Several ball fields and soccer fields are currently being completed, and several are underway to keep up with Town growth. Approximately a half dozen athletic facilities have been added in the past five years. The Board also supervises the development and construction of playgrounds. The most recent additions have been at Summit Ridge and the Fields of Nottingham.